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Sprinkle Tray & Sieve

Sprinkle Tray & Sieve

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Our most talked about product! A must have sprinkle tray featuring a removable sieve to seperate and catch all of the 2mm non pareils! This is a first of its kind in Australia and worldwide!

You will no longer need to pick out the larger sprinkles with this sprinkle sieve and tray making life a whole lot easier for you!!

Each Sprinkle Tray takes approx 30 hours to print so please bear with us if there are none in stock we will be printing as fast as we can! Sign up to the out of stock notifications to ensure you get an email when we put more up!

The sprinkle tray can be used as any other sprinkle tray would be used - simply place your cookies/cupcakes/baked goods inside the tray without the sprinkle seperator, sprinkle over your fave sprinkles and anything that doesn't stick on your icing will simply fall off into the tray ready to be easily poured back into your container through the opening at the end!

The sprinkle sieve can be used by placing it inside the sprinkle tray, pour your deluxe sprinkle blend over top, hold the sprinkle tray and gently shake (I do this by placing my thumb over the gap while holding to ensure no sprinkles fall out). Once you have seperated the 2mm sprinkles simply pour the larger sprinkles back into a container (the 2mm non pareils will stay in the bottom of the tray), remove the sieve and you will be left with all of the tiny little sprinkles!


All orders are shipped within 3 business days. Please choose express shipping if you require your products ASAP.

All chocoballs & sprinkles are sent out in top condition. we do not have control over their storage and handling once they are in transit; when chocoballs are exposed to heat they can expand and crack, please keep this in mind when ordering during the summer months.

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