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Western Australia - IGA Heathridge - 89 Caridean Street, Heathridge, WA 6027

Cooks Plus - www.cooksplus.com.au 

Sprinkle Nest is open to all enquiries related to stocking our sprinkles! We offer wholesale pricing for reselling. Please get in touch by email for more info!

We also have wholesale pricing on Faire you can purchase through - https://faire.com/direct/sprinklenest

How do I store my Sprinkles?

Sprinkles are best stored in a cool dry area. Keep out of the fridge and direct sunlight. 

Do Sprinkles have a use by date?

Most of our sprinkles are best used within 24 months from the date of purchase but there is no reason they can't last longer if they are stored correctly. The chocoballs are best used within 12 months.

Custom Sprinkle Blends?

Yes we can! Although we do have a minimum of 500g for Custom sprinkle blends

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to Australia, New Zealand, UK, CAN, Netherlands and USA!

Shipping to NZ, Canada, UK and USA is $25 + GST flat rate!

Are the metallic sprinkles edible?

Our Metallic Sprinkle Mixes contain silver and gold metallic pearls which are coated in E174/E175. This is approved for consumption in Aus, NZ & Canada, but not yet in the USA. Therefore they are "Decorative Use Only.

Are your sprinkles safe for children?

A lot of our sprinkle blends contain hard sugar pearls which can be a choking hazard to babies, larger sugar pearls can also cause potential tooth breakage and it is definitely recommended to remove these prior to consuming.

How many sprinkles do I need?

To give you an idea; our 120g bottles will give you enough to do at least 30 - 40 cupcakes. If you require bulk sprinkles in quantities larger than we have listed please send us an email or live chat to see if we can make it happen!

Trade / Wholesale pricing?

Please get in touch for our latest wholesale Catalogue or check out our shop on Faire - https://faire.com/direct/sprinklenest


Can I return an item?

Because our sprinkles are considered a food item we cannot accept returns or exchanges.