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Mystery Sprinkles

Mystery Sprinkles

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Add some mystery sprinkles into your cart for a suprise in your order! These sprinkles consist of 80grams of either current deluxe sprinkles, non pareil blends, shapes, custom order over stock, out of season sprinkles and trial blends which don't make it onto the website!

They are packaged in a matte black stand up pouch so you will not be able to see the contents until its opened!

These are packaged in advance so even we can't see whats inside when we are packing your order, therefore if you are ordering multiple mystery sprinkles there is a small chance of receiving duplicate blends.


All orders are shipped within 3 business days. Please choose express shipping if you require your products ASAP.

All chocoballs & sprinkles are sent out in top condition. we do not have control over their storage and handling once they are in transit; when chocoballs are exposed to heat they can expand and crack, please keep this in mind when ordering during the summer months.

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