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Disco Lights

Disco Lights

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Introducing Sprinkle Nest's exquisite Metallic Sprinkles, a curated blend of luxurious colors paired with elegant white pearls. Elevate your baking to new heights with this opulent mix, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to your treats. Perfect for those who appreciate a premium touch in their creations, these metallic sprinkles and pearls promise to transform your desserts into edible masterpieces. Don't just bake, create a culinary experience with Sprinkle Nest's Metallic Sprinkles and Pearls—where every sprinkle tells a tale of elegance and taste.

Available in 100g bottles, please get in touch if you require any of our sprinkles in larger quantities.

These sprinkles are of the highest quality, sprinkles are the cherry on top when it comes to cake decorating and we believe Sprinkle Nest blends are the perfect finishing touch to all of your special baking


Sugar, Wheat flour, Wheat starch, Corn starch, Gum arabic, Fish gelatin, Shellac, Agar, glucose, maltodextrin, corn starch, magnesium stearate, permitted flavours, permitted colours  including E174, E175, E127, E120


All orders are shipped within 3 business days. Please choose express shipping if you require your products ASAP.

All chocoballs & sprinkles are sent out in top condition. we do not have control over their storage and handling once they are in transit; when chocoballs are exposed to heat they can expand and crack, please keep this in mind when ordering during the summer months.

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